We Say Insightful Things Then Forget and Try to be Funny Instead - EP

by Follies & Vices

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released September 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Follies & Vices Seattle, Washington

Follies & Vices is an indie pop duo

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Track Name: Memories Are People Too
Im scared of my past and what lives in it
Dead bodies in my closet, they're still talking after death
And every time I bury them they crawl back up
Dirt under fingernails begging me to just give it up
I wish I could, God i wish I could
But Im lucid dreaming vividly and mimicking mistakes i thought i couldn't
And you won't see pictures on my wall
Ill tear them before they stimulate any thought i don't want
because to me every memory is a bad one
So its unlucky that i dream with my eyes open
and i would travel the seas if it would help me
sail away from these memories
Memories are people too, yeah memories are people too
Too bad we don't get along, too bad we don't get along

And all my dreams are collective memories
So its been bothering me that i don't know what I've seen or where I've been
is in and out my consciousness
sick of looking in there mirror at the body I've been trapped in
and some say you dream after death and just don't wake up again but i can't
imagine being trapped in my head, i tried to make amends, i swear to god that i did
but its the sins i didn't commit that make me toss and turn when I'm lying in bed
my grandma told me that she'll die happy just knowing that i found peace
and my father told me through piano that heavens just a place you create in your soul
memories are people too, yeah memories are people too
all singing a song, and we should all get along
Track Name: A Couple Days
in my world nothing ever happens by mistake
you think ive changed but god knows im just a fake
im not too busy but i feel like i could use a break
you think you know me but i dont even know your name

sometimes i ask if life should be this hard
some drive hundreds of miles and dont have a car
some have tried forever and havent gotten far
some cant do anything at least i play guitar

youre looking at me but im already forgetting your face
i dont know where you are even when were in the same place
youre smiling but even i know that youre not ok
what seemed so normal just now seems so insane